Mar 31, 2010

Sweet Red Beans Biscotti

Today, I added sweet red beans, beans flour and black sesami in the biscotti. I think this goes with Japanese green tea/houji-cha/ houji-cha latte.
Enjoy creating the new biscotti taste. :) How do Italian people feel about this weird biscotti? Don't they accept it?!
Humm. Yumm anyway.

Buta no Kakuni ~Braised Pork Belly~

This menu is Jun's favourite. Before seasoning, boil pork and cool them down to get rid of the extra lard so that it can be tasted more light.
Served with spinach and boiled egg.

Grated Yamato-imo and bamboo Miso- soup

Taro's rate:★
As he didn't eat anything, I pretended to cry over him on purpose. Then he got a little bit embarrassed and started having Kakuni and sipped at the soup a little bit. But he was not willing to eat them. :(

Mar 30, 2010

Bamboo Rice

Even though it is freezing cold in Tokyo today, in my home, spring has come!
This bamboo shoots came from Kagoshima. My father's friends sent them to us.
Since I like "Mi-zansho"(Japanese pepper) very much, sprinkled them on the rice. Especially I prefer this mi-zansho. You can buy them at Yakamiyakigaki-shouyu-ten.
Check it out :)

Taro's rate: no mark
He had deep fried small fish a lot instead. Fish day for him.

Mango Biscotti

Found a pack of semi-dried mango. Baked biscotti.
When you make up your mind to bake something, I really recommend to bake biscotti. You can bake it quick and easily. Plus this is quite good for babies as a teether. Just mix all ingredients and bake it. That's all!
Here is the basic recipe of biscotti.

- 60g all purpose flour
- 60g whole wheat flour
- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
- 45g brown sugar
- one egg
- one tablespoon olive oil

You can add anything in the filling. e.g. dried prune, apricot, raison, almond, nuts etc.etc.
This time, I added 60g diced dried mango and 40g coconuts powder instead of whole wheat flour. Arrange your own biscotti. :)

Preheat the oven to 180℃. Mix all ingredients together until incorporated. Place the oven sheet on the oven pan. The sticky dough first shaped into a rectangular shape(10cm× 20cm× 2cm). Sprinkle with the flour on the surface. Bake it for 20 minutes. Cut them into 10 equal.
Heat the oven to 150℃. Bake them again for 20 minutes or until firm to touch.
Make 10 biscotti.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
His appetite is coming back!

Mar 28, 2010

Sanma+Tororo Don

Tonight Jun made dinner for us. Roast fish(saury) and grated Yamato-imo on the rice.
Sometimes we need to eat this sort of simple stuff.

Taro's rate: no mark
He was full since he had "Jako-Ten" a LOT before dinner."Jako-ten" has been his favour these days.

Mar 27, 2010

My Mom's Meal

Are staying at my parent's place. My mother made lunch for us.

Braised unusual vegetable caled "Unzen Kobu Takana" and deep-fried bean curd.

"Wakatake-ni" (Braised bamboo and seaweed)
This bamboo came from my father's friend living in Kagoshima.
Tasted the first bamboo in this season.
I like these sort of Japanese traditional meals.Very healthy.
While I am staying at my parent's home, I don't need to cook!
Am chilling out.hehehe. :)
Have a nice weekend guys!

Mar 26, 2010

Pierogi~Polish food~

Made "Pierogi" from scratch. Pierogi is one of famous dish in Poland. My follower, ef.em told me how to make it.
Am not sure if this is a proper "pierogi", but we really enjoyed the taste. Very beautiful. Thanks ef.em!
It is like a huge dumpling/ravioli. In inside, there has mushed potatoes, cottage cheese, braised chopped onion, and butter and fresh cream a little bit.

Super high calorie food, indeed.

Topped with sour cream. The sour taste drives us to eat them more. ;P

Bacon+potatoes+sour cream+ melted butter: necessarily Destiny!

Smoked salmon, mushroom, rockets and onion salad. Lemon juice+olive oil+ S&P for dressing.
We love this simple dressing salad.

Amazing tomatoes, "Amela".

Taro's rate:★★
He had a Pierogi a little. If he had not had pumkin buns before dinner, he would have had it more .... But I am convinced that he likes the taste. ;)

Biting Rolled Sushi

It has been nearly several weeks since he had had rice last! This morning, I made long shaped rolled-sushi, then he started eating it!
Probably because of the length and he can hold it easily to taste.
Fantastic!! I am proud of you. :)

Mar 25, 2010

Corn flour Pasta~Pizzarelle~

This pasta is for those who is getting over their sickness. It blended 40g corn flours with 200g 00 Italian flours so that it helps their digestion. Very thin and soften pasta.

Fruits tomatoes, rocket and shrimp sauce. Very fresh. As for the tomatoes, I really recommend you living in Tokyo to buy "Amela". This is amazing tomatoes. Very sweet like a fruit!
Plus you must use genuine olive oil otherwise it will never taste good.
When you return the pasta in the pan, you also add chopped rocket. Do not cook a long time.

Another dish was braised peas and squid with tomato sauce. Since last week we had been having braised peas, I got fed up with peas... :( But this is very delicious.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
A miracle happened. He had pasta!!!!!!!! Spontaneously he ate them! Of course he tried to get rid of the rockets and shrimp though.
Perhaps, he liked the yellow colour....
I must make it from scratch some time. :D
Happy Thursday :D

Mar 24, 2010

Brown Rice Croquette

I always make too much meals by the way. :(

Since Taro loves deep fried stuff, I made brown rice croquette. Season with tomato paste and S&P well. In the inside I stuffed mozzarella cheese. Wowwow!Melting!!
Just ordinal salad. Tomato, lettuce. sliced onion and cucumbers with masturd dressing.

Deep fried Japanese butterbur scape. This is very spring taste. A little bit bitter.

I changed the leftover of braised peas to cream soup. Added potatoes, purple potatoes, carrots, onion, some mushrooms.

As for the rice croquette, of course, the white rice would be fine as well. But the texture of brown rice is much better than white ones. Make sure that season salt and pepper well. I regretted I should have seasoned it more.

Taro's rate:★
Eventually he had one bite only. Sigh..... But he had one "Dora-yaki"(bean -jam pancakes). Especially he was care for the cake. ( he tried to get rid of the bean-jam.)
Probably the yellow colour fascinated him.

Mar 23, 2010

Boiled Karei fish with soy sauce and sugar

My friend gave me beautiful Karei fish(pleuronectidae). Boiled them with soy sauce, Japanese sake, Mirin , water ( 1/3 cup each)and two tablespoons sugar.
Boiled shred burdock together.

Taro ate it a little bit. Still he cares for breastfeeding milk for dinner.
Next month, he will go to a day care centre. What will he do? Will he be able to spend the time at school without breastfeeding milk?!

Finally it turned out he didn't get Kawasaki disease. He just got a cold that is very alike Kawasaki disease. Quite confuising, but anyway he is almost cured of the sick. Thanks god!

Yellow colour makes him happy?

As I want my son to eat something except crackers and breads, this morning I prepared for Japanse meals.
However, he ate scrambled egg only. He tends to eat yellow colour stuff such as eggs and bananas. Aside from food, he loves yellow colour stuff such as a giraffe and a lion of LEGO blocks.
Why does yellow colour make him so excited and happy?

Recently he has rejected eating rice. why?! He doesn't like white colour? Not sure.
Next time I am going to try to make turmeric rice so that he might want to eat them!?
If he does so, I will have to make yellow colour meals everyday!

Mar 22, 2010

My Spanish Night

To consume loads of breads I've got from Signifiant_Signifie which is located at Mishuku, Tokyo,
we had Spanish-Oriental meal tonight.
The reason I said them "oriental" is that I used lots of spices for them. It might be Morocco taste. ( I haven't been there though. Just my guess.)

Kaorinskiee salad
Boiled "petit vert",which is crossed with Brussel sprouts, kale and Chinese cabbage Salad. Served with boiled egg with anchovy. Sprinkle with curry and mustard dressing. Inspired to make it by Madam Masako salad.

Braised orange chicken

Adapted from Otsuki Chihiro's recipe. She is an expert of Spanish food.
Simmered Chicken drum and thigh with sliced lemon and oranges plus a head of garlic! Those citrus should be organic so that we can eat their skins as well. Season salt, black pepper and wine vinegar. Simmer for 1 hour. After simmering leave them by the next day so that it would be more tasty.
In regard to her cookbook, she used red wine, Italian parsley, but since I don't have them, I used white wine and coriander instead. Then I came up with adding coriander seed and paprika.
As far as I'm concerned, this challenging succeeded!! YES! made it!
Enough soften garlic makes them rich taste, but citrus helped more clear taste.

Braised Peas

Reviewed my previous Italian cooking class. I added some chopped onion when braised. Make sure that the "pancetta" should be genuine one. Otherwise, it will never taste good.

Pain de Campagne from "signifiant_signifie".

This "pain de campagne" is from "signifiant_signifie". I tried to taste various breads at the shop(actually I threw away more than 5000yen for the bakery. I think I am crazy.).

This bakery shop is quite famous for selling yummy and genuine breads. Actually they are very gorgeous and enough yummy, but as far as "pain de campagne", I prefer my baking one. Is it challenging saying?

When you want to buy some breads at the shop, I recommend "chabata" and "Pain de mie". Those two breads are the best ever at the shop. I never recommend "croissant". They're too much butter. Yes, as if I ate butter not croissant.

Taro's rate; none
He had breastfeed milk and two-bite sizes bread only. However, at lunch time, he spontainiously had wonton stuffed shrimp,pork minch, and coriander.
Gradually his appetite is coming back. I hope so.

Playing With Peas

We are staying at home all day long. When I was shelling peas, Taro tried to imitate my action.
He is my little cooking helper :)

Mar 21, 2010

Lunch Boxes from Kyoto

Jun came back from Kyoto today and got some lunch boxes. This box is for cherry blossom viewing. It's very spring feeling. Cute indeed. Taro was so curious that he snatched the chunky omelet and tasted it. When he feels it's yummy, he taps his cheek.
He had yellow colour stuff only though. :(

The other one is very famous "Saba-zushi" from Izuu.

Covered with seaweed. Curious Taro!
Shining and glittering beautiful Sabazushi!!

Finally his fever passed away!!! But on Tuesday, we will have to go to see a doctor again to take echography if it is something wrong with his heart. If it finds nothing, it can be said that he is cured of the cryptogenic fever. If it does, he will have to go into the hospital right away.
As his doctor said, even if he got a Kawasaki disease, it would very mild case. I am a little bit relieved.

Mar 20, 2010

Vegetable Udon For Taro

He has been having a fever since last Wednesday. In the morning, he is fine, but when in the evening, he is developing his fever.
Today, after this lunch and taking a nap, he developped fever of 39.5℃ again.
We went to see the doctor at Japanese Red Cross hospital.
We had been there for more than 4 hours. Doctors had some examinations towards him. He doesn't catch any flu. But he is suspected having "Kawasaki Disease".
Tomorrow, it will turn out whether he did or not.

Taro's rate; ★
He liked the soup. He is supposed to like poached egg though...
Besides Udon, he had some fish.

Mar 19, 2010

Italian Cooking Class~Strozzapreti all'arrabbiata~

Today, Made "Strozzapreti" from scratch. Literally meaning is " to strangle the priest" in Italian. It's quite aggressive expression! In a sense, it's very impolite naming.
There're two beliefs about the naming. One is that the shape of pasta can choke a person. The other is that they're so delicious that people eat them too much and are about to choke on them.
This pasta is origin from Emilia-Romagna. There're many communists in this area and the people have quite broad-minded to accept different culture and people. That's why this provocative naming is used in the area. Very interesting story, isn't it?

All'arrabbiata sauce is very beautiful. I like Italian red pepper.

Another meal was braised peas with panchetta. Braised them for around 40 minutes. Very soften. It also goes with short pasta!

Taro-san has been a fever since the day before yesterday. Every night the fever rises and in the morning it passes away.
As his doctor said, "Not only the flu but also something wrong with his stomach. It's natural that he has no appetite. You don't need to force him to eat. Breads, cheese, cracker and bananas, they're gently fine.
When we have a stuffy nose, we cannot taste propely. You may try to have a tea/coffee with pinching your nose! It's going to be disgusting!"

See. He unconsciously chooses foods he needs when he gets sick. There's a reason for him not to eat.

Hope he will get over soon.....

Mar 18, 2010

Apple Gratin!

Easy, Yummy, maybe healthy! :P

Apple gratin recipe(12cm× 18cm squared casserole)
~cream sauce~
-2 tablespoon sugar
-one egg
-100g fresh sour cream
-1/4 stick of vanilla beans( take the beans out)

- one apple (bite size cut)
- 6 dried apricots
-1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Preheat the oven to 190℃. Butter on the casserole. Place the apples and apricot.Make cream sauce. Just mix together until incorporated. Pour the sauce in the casserole. Sprinkle butter on the batter. Bake it for 40 minutes. Serve it piping hot!

Kaori's rate:★★★★★
I have to jog, otherwise I will get fat more..... Does anyone share it t with me?

Blueberry Muffins

Actually, I am crazy about muffins. However, neither Jun nor Taro do.
Since the blueberries are quite sour when we eat it as fresh, baked blueberry muffins.
This time I slightly changed the ratio of flours. They are even.(60g whole wheat and all purpose each). The original recipe is here.
Plus, I use 5 tea spoons yoghurt instead of milk.
When I use yoghurt, the surface became more crispy. But in the inside, they're enough moisture.

Taro will like it when he recover the cold. Just wait and see......
Jun was willing to taste it. He likes orthodox stuff.

Pot‐Au‐Feu & Chick Pea Rice

When I want to reset my stomach, I always make pot-au-feu.
Just simmer some cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, tomato and chicken wing for more than 2 hours.(I just fogot leaving it though. Perhaps simmer for 1 hour is enough.)
When I serve it, Just drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle sea salt and ground freshly black pepper for them. Oil, salt and pepper should be genuine ones. Otherwise, it will never taste good.

This soup goes with brown rice and chick peas. Season olive oil and S&P.

Taro's rate: none
He had fever last night. Today, he seems to be fine, but in the evening, his fever rose again.
Probably he is having a rehearsal in case he gets sick at school. :p

I am so bored that Taro has not had any appetite these days. I want to make something more though.