Oct 19, 2011

Macrobiotic Apple&Sweetpotato Tart

This recipe is still imperfect so far, but I 've found how to make it better. No matter how Jun gets tired of it, I will bake it again:p
When the recipe get fix, I will show you soon....

Autumn has come!

I've just found there is blogger application and can be blogging using iPhone!
Since getting comfortable weather, I am baking some tartes almost everyday. Morning sick seems to be over. A baby in my tummy is kicking me quite often. Probably a baby girl will come over to us:) Must think about girls name!
Baked macrobiotic fig tart. Baked more than three times this season. Yes, i am insane. Luckily, Taro is crazy about it, whereas Jun got fed up with it. He wanted to eat figs as fresh. Have to get fresh fig again for Jun;p