Aug 31, 2010

Mouse tails Pasta

Last Sunday, joined Italian cooking class with Taro. This time, we made mouse tails shaped pasta from scratch. We can enjoy the different taste- Thick and thin part-at the same time. During boiling, they look really mouse's tail.
No need to use a pasta machine. It took fortune time(probably more than 1 hour) to finish making them all, but after finish it, I felt accomplishment. :D
The sauce is a basil paste without pine nuts. I thought when we make basil paste, it is necessary to add pine nuts. But actually, the taste would be fine without them.

Taro's rate:★★★★
Recently he can eat anything. But still he is not good at eating fresh tomatoes. Probably because he used to eat them too much when he was a baby.

Aug 30, 2010

Stir Fried Chicken neck and Amanaga green pepper

I love chicken neck which is called "Seseri" in Japanese. Usually I stir them with some vegetables and season with "Ponzu"(Citrus and soy sauce). This time, I chose "Amanaga Togarashi"(Sweet green peppper) and other colourful pepper.
You must use very special "Ponzu". Otherwise, it will never taste good.

Steamed Corn+ White rice+ Extra Virgin Olive Oil+ S&P

Taro's rate:★★★★★
He loves eating corn and rice.

Aug 29, 2010

Japanese Dinner

Since I've got 3 tiny Tai fish(red snapper), made Tai-meshi.
Lotus root Kinpira with Umeboshi
Hijiki(sea weed) salad
Braised pumpkins
Okura and Nagaimo(sticky potato) cold soup w/Junsai

Yesterday, my friend visited my place to learn how to make pasta from scratch. At first, I was planning of making Italian dinner, but Jun got fed up with it since he had Italian every weekend night. Thus I made Japanese food for his request.
Actually, we missed the soy sauce and Dashi taste. Our soul food is Japanese anyway.

Taro's rate:★★★
He concentrated on playing with cars. How should I discipline him during at meal ? So far, I hardly scold him even when he is playing during at meal. (At school, he always sit properly and behaves well during the lunch time. )
Meals should be enjoyable. At least I don't want to scold at him during the time. ( Of course, if he frolics and spill out milk on the floor, I may scold at him.)
Humm. What do you think?

Cheese Cake for Taro

Madam Masako made a fabulous cheese cake for Taro last week!!
Simple but very sophisticated cake. Thank you Masako!!

Kaori's rate:★★★★★
Taro's rate:★★
He's not in a mood to have cheese cake at the moment. :( But I'm sure that he loves her cake!)

Tuna Paste

I also learnt this tuna paste at Italian cooking class.
Tuna, salted caper(or pickled caper) and cream cheese. Whisk them together by a food processor. That's all.
Taro really loves tuna very much so that I always keep it in the fridge whenever he can eat. Match with cracker as well. For breakfast, snack time any time the paste would help you!!
It can be stored around 1 week in a fridge. Very helpful paste :)

Caramel shaped ravioli

A several week ago, learnt it from kotokotopasta.
In the filling, we used Mortadella(Bologna sausage), Mozzarella cheese and Parmigiano cheese there. Serve with butter and fresh cream as a sauce.
The caramel shape is very cute, but be careful! This is SUPER ULTRA HIGH CALORIES pasta ever! I recommend you may make it for very special day probably after fasting or something as a reward for yourself. ;-P

Taro's rate: ★★★★
Although he loves high calories stuff, he's still slim. I really envy him!

Peach Sorbet

Adapted from Kotokoto Pasta's recipe. Easy, quick and yummy!
-Peach (300g)
-100g beet sugar
-180g ice cubes
-3/4cup milk or fresh cream.
-cinnamon ( if you like)

1 Peel peach skin and diced(1cm size) them. Put them into the freezer.
2 Put frozen peach ice cubes, sugar and cinnamon into a food processor until smoothed.
3 Add cold milk and pulse for a while.
4 Pour 3 into a square bat/a bowl and put them into a freezer again.
Serve 8.

Aug 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Taro-chan!!!

Taro turned two today!! We had a birthday party tonight.
Made a big cream puff called "Pari brest". Decorated with lots of kinds of fruits he likes.

As you can see the photo above, I made the figure of "two" shaped puff as well.
Happy Happy Birthday Taro-chan!
I hope you're exploring the world more and more and more and having fabulous time anytime!

Aug 10, 2010

MeuniereSawara fish and tomato

One of my favourite fish is this Sawara fish( spanish Mackerel).
Got them at Natural House where is located to near my place. It often sells some fish as super bargain price! I am 100% sure that their quality is always great. (Of course, proper price is super expensive. I have never bought fish as proper price there.)

Tonight, I cooked Sawara fish as meuniere. After meuniere it, roasted tomato with butter and season S&P, fish sauce and soy sauce.
It tastes like Vietnamese dish. Eat fish and roast tomato together. That's the yummy point.

In a salad, I added coriander, basil leaves and green lettuce. Fresh herbs go with Sawara fish.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
He loves to eat fish.

Aug 8, 2010

Thai Night ~Green Curry~

My friend visited my place and had dinner together.

Thai Green Curry
Very spicy. But coconuts milk made it more soft and rich.

Coriander and cucumber salad
(dressing:fish sauce, crushed garlic, vinegar and sesami oil)

Tapioka coconuts milk
(added condensed milk and water melon)

Taro's rate: none
He's not enough old to eat this sort of spicy food. I expected he might have tapioka dessert, but he didn't. :(

Aug 7, 2010

My Dad's Birthday

The easiest and quickest dish (grilled tuna and zucchini)
Just put tuna paste on the sliced tomato and chicory.
Reviewed today's cooking class.
Got a fruits tart at quil-fait-bon at near my place. Celebrated for my Dad's birthday.
He turned 71 !! Very Grandpa. :-P
Happy Birthday!

Rice Salad and Trofie Al Pesto

Today's Italian cooking class.

Rice salad.
Next time, I will try to make it using brown rice instead. Must be yum.
We made basil paste using a mortar. It's tough work indeed! But the taste was awesome.
My teacher doesn't like to use a food processor since the texture of paste is not good.
If I had enough time and energy, I would make it with a mortar.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
Absolutely yummy.

Aug 6, 2010

Ring shaped Pasta with vegetables lagu sauce

Ring shaped pasta
Took a pasta leave and learnt this pasta. :P
No meat. Tomato sauce with eggplants and zuccini.
My Punch salad
Why I named it "punch" is that I added Grated garlic, anchovi, digion mustard into the dressing.Thanks to the dressing, even very light and plain taste Tofu and vegetables could become gorgeous.
He had been suffering from summer cold. Since he had two canker sore in his throat, he couldn't eat solid food. Tonight, finally he was cured of it and enjoyed dinner very much. :)

Am very happy that he showed his "yummy sign"- he tapped his cheek by his hand- and said to me "Yummy~! Oishi~".
Taro's rate:★★★★★
He tried to get rid of sauce, but he failed. Thanks to lagu sauce! He was able to eat various vegetables.

This pasta is quite easy to make from scratch. No need to use pasta machine. Next time, I will make it with my son and his friends.

But beforehand, I want this!!

・・・・・・・Must be fun!!