Dec 31, 2010

Salmon cabagge Pasta

Jun requested that he wanted to eat just normal pasta as people have. He meant that he wants not to eat fresh pasta I made from scratch!! :(He might have never thought my effort.
So today, I made this pasta.
Taro also got happy and devoured them very much.
Are they feel enough to have just normal pasta!?
It's good for a change. Okay, I will make it some time.

Taro's rate:★★★★★

Dec 28, 2010

Japanese food night

Taro doesn't like this sort of Japanese food. He played a role in otolaryngology doctor at that time. He is checking himself his ear condition. As he said no ear infection so far.
Taro's rate:★

Dec 27, 2010

Leftover Noodles

After having hot pot, next morning we always have "Ojiya"(risotto) or noodles.
The hot pot soup became very rich and tasty. Plus lots of nutritions there.

Taro's rate:★★★★
He doesn't like Hot pot so much but he loves Ojiya/Noodle.

Dec 26, 2010

Brown rice Amazake Pudding

This is super amazing pudding!!! No sugar, no maple syrup and no beet sugar.!
How could I make "sweets" pudding?
The answer is....... Organic Apple juice(straight, no concentrated) and Genmai Amazake.

This is the one of the Genmai amazake. You can find it at organic stores such as "Natural House"and "Crayon House. The ingredient is "brown rice" and " koji(one kind of mashing) only. You may be surprised the sweetness!

At first, I was quite skeptical about the macrobiotic recipe and it's gonna be too plain taste. But they are light. It is enough sweet and very healthy. I never regret eating another glass of pudding:P
If you want to go on diet, this pudding would be your supporter.

Taro's rate:★★★★★full mark:D

Dec 25, 2010

Sauteed Ginger Pork Lunch

Ginger Pork
Marinate sliced pork with glated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, Japanese sake.
When sautee them, sprinkle beet sugar if you need some teriyaki taste.

Nagaimo(sticky taro) and Seaweed Salad with Ponzu dressing

Taro's rate:★★★
He doesn't like cereals rice.....

Dec 23, 2010

Anpo-gaki(semi-dried persimmon) w/Mascarpone

After the Christmas Lunch, we had this for dessert. I know that too much high calories they have, though.......Never mind!

Christmas Party

My signature Cauliflower Lagsana

Roast Chicken(cinammon and coliander taste) with Annon Potato(安納芋).
Chicken liver and Rosemary rice for the stuffing.
Found out tha cinammon made the chicken more exotic flavour.

Very berries Salad! (learnt from madam Masako)
This is amazing taste! Aged Balsamico vineger is the key point for the dressing.
High school friends united at my place. Everyone was fine and everything seems to go well. I am so happy to have great friends. I am so proud of them. :)
Thanks, Hatake sisters, Hiroko and Vera!

Dec 22, 2010

Porchini Risotto & Triangle Taro-san

Learnet it at Kotokotopasta. Since I hardly had made risotto before, this was the great time to learn how to make it in detail. Next year, I will try to make risotto more often. :)

Lately, Taro is really into creating a "triangle" using his all body. At first he started to make it by using his finger, or folding some brochure in half.
He suddenly shouts out " It's time to create a triangle!" and then creates triangles.
Not only creating triangles but also he is good at finding triangles in anywhere.
He calls himself "I am a triangle hunter".:P

Dec 19, 2010


There're lots of Japanese roots vegetables in the soup. Burdock, Lotus, Daikon radish, carrot, etc.etc........
No soup cubes, but yummy sausages were the important role for the taste.

Dec 18, 2010

Melon Buns

Taro had "melon buns" at his school and asked me to bake melon buns.
Melon buns is one of Japanese typical sweets bread. The shape looks like a melon, thus we call it "melon buns".
In the inside, I put a plenty of custard cream into buns. Taro enjoyed it very much.
Taro's rate:★★★★★ Perfect!

Dec 16, 2010

Macrobiotic Rapsberry Muffins

Baked Rapsberry Muffins. No sugar, egg, butter and milk.
It is worth baking macrobiotic muffins. Later on, I will upload the recipe.(Now, we're at my parent's home and cannot find the recipe....)
Taro's rate:★★★★★
Since I didn't use any daily products and sugar, the taste became very light and will never feel my stomach heavy. Probably it would be very healthy muffins. As for the jam, I got rid of most of the rapsberry seed and added some banana. Then the taste became more soft and mild. This homemade jam would go with yoghrut as well.

Dec 14, 2010

Custard Pudding

Taro requested me to make a custard pudding. I tried to make it, but completely failed.
During steaming, I should have been there in case not to boil the custard sauce, but played with Taro at the moment and totally forgot steaming pudding. Anyway, this is my excuse.
Despite the flopped custard pudding, Taro was satisfied with the taste and ate a lot.
He didn't care the appearance at all.
Taro's rate:★★★★(My rate:★)

Dec 13, 2010

Ton-jiru Miso soup and Shrimp ball

We always sprinkle"Kuro-Sichimi(黒七味)" over Ton-jiru MIso soup.
THis is the best Japanese chilli powder ever:)

Made shrimpball. Added Burdock root to feel the difference texture.
Taro's rate:★★
He doesn't like too much stuff in the soup, nor shrimpball. He loves simple and plain food.

Dec 11, 2010

Curry Udon

Curry, Noodles, and Sausage. That's what Taro really wants.

Taro's rate:★★★★★ Perfect!

Dec 10, 2010


He is care for "Kinokuniya Squared Pizza" but, tonight he figured out that mummy's pizza is the best ever.
Sausage, Tuna, Shrimp, Jamón Ibérico,plenty of cheese and rich crust.....All of them are his favourite.He is really lucky to have a great mom.

.....after the dinner,I broke a pizza stone unfortunately....... Sigh.....

Dec 7, 2010

Dec 6, 2010

Macrobiotic Smile Cookies

Referred to Macrobiotic sweets cookbook.
No egg, butter and sugar. Use olive oil and maple syrup instead.

Stir-Fried Noodles for Taro

He's into sausge these days.

Taro got a fever every other week. I used to ask my parents/mother in law to look after him during my work, but recently I got realised that to be with him all day long is the best and quick way to his recovery. Today, I took a leave, stay with him, and cooked his favourite dish. He was surely satisfied and secured.
His temperature has dropped finally and went to school next day.
His favourite diaper illustrated colourful zebra. He is particulary favourable of this nappy and sometimes refuse to change other illustration's nappy. This is troublesome indeed:(

Dec 4, 2010

Pear and Parmigiano Moouse

Last year, I made this sweets and posted.
Time really flies. Managed to continue blogging for a year.
Despite the high calories, I cannot stop making this moouse when pears are on season.

Lunch with my friends

Early Christmas Party at home
Porcini Lavioli
Yellow Cauliflower and green salad
Cauliflower Lasgna
Saute Chicken with Maitake mushroom sauce

Revised Italian dish at Kotokotopasta. Though it was quite difficult to make lavioli shape, this time so far so good ;)

.Taro might realised that Santa would bring some gift that he wants. He is very looking forward to it:)