Nov 30, 2010

Daikon Radish Noodle

At last I found the NEW taste for Daikon radish. Saute diced daikon with olive oil and drizzle soy sauce. That's all. Very tasty. Simple is the best.

Taro's rate:★★★

Nov 28, 2010

Braise Lam chop and Potato

~Tonight menu~
Carrot Potage
Green Salad
Braised Lam and Potato

All dishes are seasoned S&P only. Feel the power of ingredients. No need to add a soup cube.

Nov 25, 2010

Scilatelli di Campagna

This is the new solution to consume a huge "Pak Choy(白菜)" ! Learnt at kotokotopasta. For Pak choy, we usually eat as "hot pot". I was looking for another recipe.
Was surprised that it is very matching with tomato lagu sauce.
This pasta is called "Scilatelli"which shape is similar to macaroni and torofie. Make this shape using spaghetti! Interesting.

One day at the Ginkgo street

Nov 22, 2010

Japanese Edible Flower

This is called ”食用菊(しょくようぎく)”in Japanese. (Chrysanthemum in English.)
In Autumn, I always buy them. Pull petals and cook them in a boiling water with some vinegar for seconds.
I prefer them to use for Ohitashi Salad. Boiled spinach, tiny dried sardin, lemon juice, soy sauce and crumble seaweed.
Kawaii and Oishi indeed :)

Steamed Fish

Steamed fish with a little Japanese Sake(white wine would be fine as well.)
Very easy and quick recipe for full time worker moms.
The point is that using herbs(ginger, green onion, coliander, Shiso etc.etc.) and special sauce.

How to make special suace for steamed fish
Crushed garlic, Doubanjiang(chinese chilli sauce) , sesami oil and soy sauce.
put all ingredients in a bottle and put the lid on the bottle and shake. and Done!
If you're in Japan, you may use "Kanzuri" instead of Doubanjiang. It would be more tasty.

Nov 17, 2010

Avocado Tomato and Mozzarella cheese Omlet

Despite I am learning "Macrobiotic Diet", I am just first learner. I want to eat daily products some time!! :P
Eggs, fresh cream, mozzarella cheese....... These are energy charge products for me.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
Absolutely he is loving it.

Nov 15, 2010

Macrobiotic Apple pie

Recently, I am interested in "macrobiotic diet". I am not a vegan, but this diet is very helpful when I cook. Some of the essence, I will adopt in future.
This apple pie, No eggs, milk, butter and sugar, but this is enough sweet and tasty.
As for the crust, we cannot say "pie", rather than "tart", but it would be acceptable.
Raison and some apple juice made the filling enough sweet.

Taro's rate: ★★★
He ate the filling only.He loves rich layered pie using plenty of butter:P

Nov 12, 2010

Cauliflower Lasagna

Made Lasagana from scratch. I have learnt some kinds of lasagna, but this one is the best taste ever! plus very healthy!
I used to disdain for cauliflower, but I have to say sorry for them. Cauliflower, you are really tasty, soft and creamy. You are the great vegetable!
Braise cauliflower until enough soft, season S&P and crush them using a spatula. Add white sauce. Layer lasagna, cauliflower cream and Parmigiano Leggiano.
Even if you cannot make lasgna from scratch, it is worth trying to make this sauce for your pasta.

Taro had never tasted cualiflower before, but he ate this lasagna! :)

Another dish was Saute chicken thigh with Maitake mushroom. As for the chicken thigh, Cut bite-sized pieces, Season S&P, and dredge them in flour. And then, saute as you usually do.
For mushrooms, they would have a role as a sauce so that saute them in advance. If you have this herb mix, add 1teaspoon. Then the taste would become more sharp and spicy.

Nov 7, 2010

A Lunch Box For Excursion.... Ueno ZOO!!

Went to Ueno Zoo. It was third time for Taro to go to zoo. The first was in Hong Kong and the second time in Sydney.
Recently he can tell most famous animals in Japanese, it was the time to go to a zoo.
In the morning, I prepared for a lunch box and made rice ball. He got very excited and dancing at the kitchen.
He liked picking some food and eat secretly while I was cooking.
That was fun. Cute Taro-san:)

A flower you can see in the photo is a edible flower(食用菊). Later on, I will blog its dish. Maybe next week.

Nov 6, 2010

Tomato Gnocchi

Learnt tomato gnocchi at KotokotoPasta.
When you make gnocchi at home, you just add tomato paste some time.
Look! Very pink colour gnocchi are there!
For the sauce, anchovi and fresh cream only. Easy and Quick.

Another dish was baked tomatoes. Cut the stem, hollow tomato meat and juice using a spoon. Soak Grated bread into the juice. They will be stuffing for tomato. Add some cheese if you like and bake them into a oven for10 minutes and 180℃.