Jul 25, 2010

Hiya-jiru~Cold Miso soup with rice

Tonight we had leftover stuff again. Easy and quick. Am not sure this is so called "Hiya-jiru" though. Probably not original one. Anyway, this is some sort of Hiyajiru. Every time I made different type of Hiyajiru since it depends on leftover. :-P

Tonight's ingredients

-Miso Soup(Tofu and green onion)
-Eggplants and cucumber (salted them and squeezed the water out) with Japanese herb(shiso and myoga)
-Steamed chicken breast(shred)
-poached egg( Onsen Tamago)

Place brown rice in a large bowl. Put vegetables and chicken on it. Sprinkle ground white sesami.
Place an egg and Pour miso-soup.
Serve with cold.

Taro's rate:★★★★★
I chopped vegetables and chicken for him so that he was able to finish eating them all.

Jul 24, 2010

Recent dishes Taro likes

Corn+Edamame+ tiny shrimp Kakiage

Corn+Brown rice(season with extra virgin olive oil and salt)

Hamo with prum sauce
Hamo is one kind of eel and very typical dish in summer, especially in Kyoto.

He loves eating corn very much.
I don't know why kids are loving it. Because of the colour? sweetness?
As for me, every time, it gets stuck between my teeth when eat and it irritates me very much. Don't you think so?

This week, Taro has been sick again. He is having coughing, stuffy nose and suffering from diarrhea.
After taking antibiotics, he is getting better now and his appetite is coming back.
I had to take paid leave for 2 days though .... This year, I have 40 days paid leave but I already took for 6 days for 3 months. Sigh......

Jul 20, 2010

Leftovers Festival

Tonight's dinner.
-Chicken and Potato salad
-Cornmeal Pasta

Crazy hot in Tokyo today.(35 ℃!)
Didn't want to cook using gas rings nor enough time to cook. Used microwave only.
All dishes are leftovers in the fridge. Just cut tomatoes and tore off lettuce.
But I think it looks quite gorgeous dinner, doesn't it?!
This is a meal for busy-week-day or I can say that this meal is for a lazy mother.:-P

Ginger Syrup

Referred to "Hobo-nichi" sight.
Jun cooked it from the beginning to the end!


Plus 800g Beet sugar and Water(500cc or some more)

Simmer for about 1 hour. ( add lemon juice if you like)
Skim the scum from the water.
Taking out of sliced gingers and dried for 3 hours at the outside.

This is a beautiful golden brown ginger syrup!!
When gingers become enough semi-dried, sprinkle sugar.
This is also beautiful.
Made Ginger-ale with gas water and the syrup.

Jul 19, 2010

Kakiage Molokheiya

Molokheiya is Egyptian vegetable which is very sticky when it is boiled. It is very famous for Egyptian soup, but I cooked it as deep fried Kakiage.
Besides molokheiya, added white sesami, semi-dried small sardin(we call it Jako), and dried small shrimp( Sakura-ebi).
Served with Somen(Japanese vermiceli). I like the way to cook it the best. :)

Taro's rate: none
He didn't eat anything including Somen. :(

Breakfast at my parents home

Here is our breakfast this morning at my parents & sister home.

Stir fried Bitter Melon(Goya Champru)

White melon soup

Grilled Himono( semi-dried fish)
Stir fried Eggplants and Sweetpepper with sweet Miso sauce

Besides photos, we had rice and Natto. For dessert, we had loads of peach.

This is probably called "quality of life". :-D
They always have this sort of breakfast everyday! Am amazed! I am really proud of my sister in this respect.

Jul 10, 2010

8th Wedding Anniversary→ Sirloin and Rib Steak!

July 7th is our wedding anniversary. For celebrating of it, we used to go out for dinner at a fabulous restaurant. However after giving a birth to Taro, we gave up it.
At the restaurant, we have to be cautious not to bring troubles to others because of my naughty son!
Therefore this year, we decided to celebrate for the anniversary at home. So as to feel a special day, we got super rich beef steak at Kinokuniya.

Wagyu sirloin steak. This is a bargain price but still pretty much ultra expensive, 4022yen for 221g. (proper price: 2600yen per 100g)

This is a Rib steak. Bargain price @ 2263yen for 231g. (proper price:1400yen for 100g)
Which part do we prefer? We compared with both of their tastes.

We like to cook to medium rare. Serve with fresh sliced mushroom and green onion.
Drizzle "Ponzu"(soy sauce and citrus juice) over them.

Besides steak, we had salad, french flies,miso soup and rice.

As our parents said,
"nevertheless we were not full at the time, the very melting meat urged to eat more and more. Somehow we were able to finish all. Rib is also fine, but sirloin is the best taste."
Actually, I don't care which part would be more delicious. Both were ultra yummy.
But Rib is enough. Yes, enough tender and rich.
Basically I prefer lean meat such as Augie beef, but for a change, like this anniversary, it would be OK to have rich Wagyu meat if we have enough budget to get it.

Taro's rate; no score
Before dinner, he had steamed corn a lot and got full. Luckily or unluckily he didn't eat any steak.
Probably we were lucky. ( if he was pleased with it, it's going to be a lot of trouble!!)

Frozen Pineapple

Feel cold, Feel Taro-chan :P

(Despite it's super cold, he still wants to eat them with crying.)

Jul 9, 2010

Friday Night's Dinner

Various herbs and smoked salmon salad ( mustard dressing)

Made Cornmeal Pasta which I learnt from Kotokotopasta from scratch.
This is very good for the person who has just cured of sick. Cornmeal is easy of digestions.

Publish Post
Taro's rate:★★★★★+
Tonight is the best score ever. Yeah!

Jul 4, 2010

Tarallini for sweets

This is an Italian sweets(snacks) that my teacher taught me yesterday.
Use white wine and olive oil. No eggs and butter. Very easy and quick to bake it! Never fail.
You can replace the white wine with red wine/ grape juice or whatever you like.

250g all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder.
60g sugar
60g olive oil
70ml white wine
powder sugar ( if needed)

1 put all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
2 add white wine and olive oil. Mix together. Knead the dough until the surface gets smooth.
3 divide the dough into 30 pieces. and make stick shape.(10cm x 5mm)
4 Make doughnuts shape.
5 Preheat the oven to 200℃. Bake them for 20 minutes.
6 Sprinkle powder sugar on the tarallini if need.

Jul 3, 2010

Troccoli Pasta with Shrimp Sauce

Joined Cooking class for pasta from scratch. It has been ages that I took the lesson last. This time, we made "Troccoli" which is very common in Pugliia.
For the sauce, made broth from shrimp head, tomato and onion first. The broth is really special and brilliant. Aside from the pasta sauce, we can use it for risotto as well.

After the lesson, I made it for my family and my uncle from Sydney.
I was able to cook it as same as my teacher did. :)

Besides the pasta, made tomato and mozzarela salad.
As usual, lemon juice, olive oil and S&P are for the dressing. That's all.
Simple is the best. :D

Grilled Tuna and zuccini

These meals go with cold white wine. We finished one wine bottle for 3 person. (Actually most of wine were consumed by my uncle.)

Unfortunately, Taro has been suffering from diarrhea and bronchitis. He didn't eat anything without fresh milk.
I think it must be bad for his tummy though.....

Hope he will recover soon.....