Jul 28, 2011

Kaorinskiee has got pregnant!

Baked Cookie Monster's choco chip cookies for Taro.

Sorry for not being update my blog for a long time.
I would like to announce that I am 3 months pregnancy now!!
It must be happy news but I have been suffering from having some sort of morning sickness these days so that I cannot cook as usual nor upload my blog.... :(
Cannot stand the smell of fish, ethnic food and spice now.... I cannot believe I hate these smell and never want to watch and cook them!
Hope my morning sick will cure soon and will cook anything as usual....

The baby in my tummy is due in February 2012.
Taro has become more selfish and naughty these days. According to his an excuse, "I am now struggling and fighting with a baby in mom's tummy but I always have been beaten by baby....."
Hummm... I said to him, "Please do not fight him/her.You can get along with him/her." You will become a great and kindest brother in the world! "

I don't know when I will be able to come back my blog but everyday I cook for my family anyway.(except ethnic food :P)
See you some time.



  1. おめでとうございますKaorinskiee san!!!

  2. ビクトリアさん、
    ありがとうございます( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    I might catch a cold. Have coughing, but cannot take medicine.....Only I can do is to have lots of sleep:-)
    Morning sick seems to be getting better than before.

  3. Hello, I love some of your meals and will try to cook some myself. Your English is vey good, I am very impressed. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope your morning sickness goes quickly so that you can continue to enjoy cooking and blogging.